What We Do

NOI is the nationwide leader in data and digital trainings for progressive campaigners and organizers.

Even as Republicans made impressive strides in digital and data-driven campaigning in 2014, Democrats retain a culture of innovation and an army of campaign geeks that far outpaces their GOP foes . . . There is nothing like [The New Organizing Institute] on the right. One fearful Republican blogger called it “The Left’s New Death Star.” -CNN, December 2014

Graduates of NOI’s boot camp are everywhere . . . influencing the tone and the strategy of hundreds of campaigns and nonprofits at every scale. Lessons they learn in the field get fed back into NOI’s pipeline, creating a cycle of learning and self-improvement that affects the wider party. -Washington Post, July 2014

No one else does what we do.

NOI was founded on the belief that well-trained organizers who can harness new technology and information can change the way we organize and win campaigns. While this seems like an obvious conclusion today, this concept was groundbreaking when we started back in 2005, and has changed politics forever.

Now closing in on our 10th year, we see our work as increasingly vital as the right-wing is spending millions to catch up. Our recipe hasn’t changed: each year we set out to train a new generation of progressive leaders in cutting-edge tactics of organizing, focusing on the latest skill-sets in digital strategy and data management. We also serve existing practitioners through our community events and by partnering with organizations throughout the space to support their work.

In 2014, NOI trained 2,778 organizers in nine states and the District of Columbia, with 76 trainees graduating from our signature Data and Digital BootCamp programs.