RHIMES TIMES: Democrats in Disarray as Allegations Surface

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DISTRICT OF RHIMES: As the Democratic Mayoral campaign heats up in the District of Rhimes, the Rhimes Times has learned of disturbing allegations against all candidates for the seat.

Frontrunner Callie Torres was photographed entering a Koch Brothers retreat on the future of education. A spokesperson for the American Federation of Teachers questioned Torres’ attendance, noting the Koch Brothers agenda to promote charter schools at the expense of funding for public education. A source close to Governor Walker of Wisconsin also claims Torres recently met with the conservative governor, to request his endorsement.

Meanwhile, Torres’ close friend Miranda Bailey, is in hot water with environmentalists who protested outside her campaign rally late yesterday afternoon. The protest, in response to recent campaign finance reports, show the Bailey campaign receiving the majority of its support from pro-oil pipeline lobbyists. CREDO Action, the San Francisco based progressive campaign organization, joined in to pressure Bailey. “Has Miranda Bailey made promises to Oil Executives that put the citizens of Rhimes in the crosshairs of Big Oil,” political director Rebecca Loan asked, “Will she admit whether she has indeed made promises to support a pipeline that would threaten the coastline of Shepherd’s Cove and the livelihood of its residents?”

Across the District in Shonda Beach, Addison Montgomery-Forbes is facing questions about her management of Oceanside Wellness in Santa Monica. In the wake of a campaign advertisement featuring her adopted son, who is black, two former employees, both persons of color, have come forward and claimed Montgomery-Forbes promoted less-experienced white male colleagues repeatedly in the 7 years they worked at the private practice.

Questions about medical administration are also plaguing Cristina Yang, who is currently the Director of the prestigious Klausman Institute. Reports allege that the Institute falsified data in reports to the National Institute of Health. A spokesperson for the NIH would not confirm or deny an investigation.

Children’s pediatric surgeon Arizona Robbins is also under fire tonight as a malpractice lawsuit against Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital unfolds in Seattle’s local courts. Testimony in court suggests doctors may have repeatedly overprescribed strong drugs, including those known to cause dependency, to children. As head of the pediatric unit, Robbins has been named in the lawsuit.

Once named “The Hottest Young Doctor in America,” the Jackson Avery campaign has had no problem leaning in to the candidate’s noted good looks. Will they regret that? Late tonight, TMZ photos of Avery in what appears to be a heated embrace with his then 17-year old intern. While Avery campaigns for Mayor, his wife, April Kepner,  who recently lost a child, is serving with the US Army as a field trauma surgeon in Afghanistan.

Kepner’s mentor, and Avery opponent Owen Hunt is also under attack. A former platoon member of Hunt’s has raised questions about his service during Operation Iraqi Freedom. “Owen Hunt was unfit to serve in uniform and is unfit to serve as Mayor of Rhimes,” Army Sergeant Rush Jones said at an afternoon press conference.

Finally, Alex Karev, whose call for unity has rallied Rhimians from across the political spectrum, is embroiled in a storm of controversy and being questioned for comments he made at a private fundraiser last April in the home of his former business partner and private pediatric surgeon Oliver Lebackes.

On the audio recording, Karev is asked about the recent shooting death of an unarmed black 14-year old by a neighborhood watch volunteer in Washington State. “All lives matter,” Karev is heard saying, “We have to stop the epidemic of gun violence in America.”

In response, Mellie Grant, who has already accepted the Republican nomination for Mayor of Rhimes responded, “It’s clear the Democrats running for Mayor of Rhimes are unprepared and unworthy of the honor of serving our wonderful District. The citizens of Rhimes deserve a Mayor whose record they can be proud of, without question.”

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