BootCamp goes global!

Digital BootCamp is now more than just an American training experience – it’s happening across the globe. Next month, two of our sister organizations – Australia’s OrganiseUS and Campaign Bootcamp in the UK – will be hosting their own Digital BootCamps.

OrganiseUS will host their inaugural Digital Intensive training from October 5th through 9th in Melbourne, Australia. OrganiseUS founder Tabatha Fulker is a proud NOI BootCamp Alum who left BootCamp like many others: determined to train her community on the best practices of digital organizing. And now she’s doing just that!

Also in October, Campaign Bootcamp in the U.K. will be holding their 4th Bootcamp. Founded by six campaigners who saw the need for more progressive digital trainings in Europe, Campaign Bootcamp is now providing trainings both in the U.K. and in Germany. In fact, they are doing one in Germany right now!

Want to help spread progressive organizing around the world this October? Join their Bootcamp seed lists!

As a seed list member, you’ll provide feedback to trainees as they go through Bootcamps internationally, just like we do when we host BootCamp in the U.S.

Join Australia’s OrganiseUS Digital Intensive seed list

Join the U.K.’s Campaign Bootcamp’s seed list

On behalf of the teams at NOI, OrganiseUS, and Campaign Bootcamp, thank you for sharing your expertise with campaigners all over the world!